About Us

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Leave those lip care worries behind. Love on your lips with juicy balms by Lippir! Enriched with wholesome ingredients, our lip balms are laden with a helping of healthy nourishment. Consisting of pure extracts, raw butters, and natural oils, our lip balm formulas are all squeaky clean, honest, and deeply nourishing. Every ingredient is carefully selected and thoroughly screened to ensure the absolute purest quality.

   Handcrafted in small batches using premium-grade ingredients and natural flavorings, our homemade lip balms are considerably flush full of vital nutrients. Each hydrating lip care blend is teeming with an abundance of ingredients that soften, smooth, and nourish to prevent chapping, blistering, and dryness.

   Whereas most lip balm applicators fall short when it comes to efficiently moisturizing pillowy, plump, lusciously full lips, our jumbo balms do the trick. More extensive and thicker than usual, these XL lip balms allow you to hydrate your ample pout in its entirety with one easy swipe.

   No more swiping back and forth to cover corner to corner. Instead, our mega-sized lip balms require a single application to drench lips with just the right amount of healing hydration. Available in assorted flavors, Lippir lip balms are in-demand beauty essentials designed to condition the lips and entice the senses.