OUR LIP BALM IS CREATED USING 100% ALL-NATURAL BUTTERS AND OILS. In heated conditions these ingredients will soften and in extreme heating conditions liquify. Though some formulators opt in using chemicals that prevent their lip balm from softening, our lip balms are created free of harsh chemicals and additives. In staying true to formulating such products our balms may arrive softened especially during the hot summer months.


PLEASE ALLOW YOUR LIP BALM TO COOL AT ROOM TEMPERATURE BEFORE OPENING .This can be accomplished by setting your tubes upright on a counter or in the fridge for at least thirty minutes. This allows your lip balm to re-harden.The appearance may be slightly different due to the shifting of ingredients while soft. Please know that the quality of our lip balm will not be affected.


AVOID LEAVING YOUR PRODUCT IN EXTREME HEAT CONDITIONS FOR A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. This will indeed liquify your lip balm however, allowing the balm to cool upright  will re-harden it. Store your lip balm somewhere cool and dry.