Our Lippir Lip Balm is formulated to nourish, moisturize, and protect your delicate lips by utilizing some of nature's most hydrating ingredients. Our balms are carefully handcrafted, all-natural, and cruelty-free. 




Marula Oil is naturally derived from the marula fruit tree (notable native to parts of southern Africa) Abundant in amino and fatty acids marula oil's rich and moisturizing properties help keep lips soft and hydrated. 


From the African shea tree, shea butter is high in fatty acids and essential vitamins naturally making it one of nature's most moisturizing ingredients. Also acting as a protectant, shea butter instantly creates a barrier that seals in ample moisture sufficiently reducing dryness. 


Extracted from the seeds of sunflowers, sunflower oil naturally contains linoleic acid that acts as a barrier that helps lock in moisture. Sunflower oil is also high in antioxidants like vitamin e. 

Sustainably harvested from the coconut palm, coconut oil has been traditionally used for countless centuries as a moisturizer. In lip balm coconut oil's fatty acids deeply penetrate the skin leaving your lips feeling and looking moisturized. 



Vitamin E is a powerful and crucial antioxidant used to help protect your sensitive lips from the adverse effects of the harsh sun.

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