What's better than regular lip balm? Jumbo lip balm! Find out all you need to know about lip moisturizer in this blog post. 

Why is Lip Balm Important?

Lip balm is a staple in the cosmetic world. It not only helps to moisturize your lips but also serves as an anti-chap agent and protects them from the sun's UV rays. But, unfortunately, the lifestyle you lead exposes your lips to a range of environmental conditions. 

The sun, dry air, and cold can all take their toll on your skin without the proper protection in place. Wearing lip moisturizer is essential for maintaining youthful-looking lips, no matter what gender you are or what climate you live in. 

Before we dive into why lip balm is essential, what is it exactly? And why do we use it? Let's find out! 

What is Lip Balm?

There's a new era of lip balms on the horizon. Lip moisturizer and jumbo lip balms have been popping up everywhere, and they're not using the same petroleum-based ingredients anymore. But, unfortunately, they also don't contain all that gross wax you know exists to make your lips shiny! 

Traditionally, lip balm (also known as chapstick and lip moisturizer) came to life through petroleum jelly and wax to increase the stiffness of the product. However, now, things have all changed. Modern lip balm creators no longer use petroleum-based products. 

Instead, you can find lip moisturizers made from natural ingredients like: 

  • ● Beeswax 
  • ● Cocoa Butter 
  • ● Honey 
  • ● Shea Butter 
  • ● And many more of nature's own. 

Why Do We Use Lip Balm?

  • Lips contain a naturally occurring oil form to protect them from the elements, but this natural barrier is not always enough. Lip balms can replace lost moisture and protect against harsh conditions - like sun exposure or dry air in winter. 


  • Lip balm's primary purpose is to keep your lips moisturized, soft. It does this by using healthy ingredients like waxes, oils, or protective creams. But, primarily, it's your saving grace when it comes to providing much-needed moisture when your skin cannot produce it on its own. 

The Benefits of Lip Balm

Your Skin Heals Quicker 

Lip moisturizer and chapsticks can help heal your skin quicker, especially if it's due to dryness or irritation caused by cold weather, sunburns, and other environmental factors. It moisturizes the surface to ensure that your lips are well hydrated and they heal faster. It also prevents cracks from forming on parched lips that expose layers of damaged skin underneath. 

Lips that are too dry can be embarrassing. In addition, they're prone to cracking and bleeding, which is a total nightmare! Lip balm helps by protecting these issues, so you don't have to worry about the embarrassment of chapped lips or bloody sores. 


Your Lips Will Look Plump

Lips that are constantly moisturized appear to be more plump and full. And, since lip moisturizer is usually used under lipstick or gloss, it can also help with the application process. Lipsticks will go on smoother, and glosses will have an increased staying power due to the nourishment offered by your lip balms! 


Lip Balm Includes SPF Cover 

You can find lip balms on the market that include SPF coverage, which is also a huge benefit. These may be called "lip sunscreens," and they'll offer protection from harmful UV rays while you're outside in the sun or under its artificial light indoors. 

How to Choose the Right Lip Moisturizer 


Some lip balms contain ingredients that may be detrimental to your lips. For instance, petroleum jelly or fragrance can give you allergic reactions and cause other irritations over time. Therefore, before buying a lip moisturizer, it is necessary to read the ingredients carefully. 

Lip balms that use natural ingredients like beeswax, apricot kernel oils, shea, and cocoa butter are considered the most effective. 


Aroma is a significant factor in the preference for lip balms. If you love fruity smells, then fragrant and flavored balms will be your best bet. However, it may prove challenging to find anything they enjoy for those who are sensitive to odors. It's up to personal taste. Ensure you try out various flavors so you can figure out which suits you best. 


When choosing the perfect lip balm, it should have SPF for protection from sun damage as well as nourishing ingredients that will hydrate and soften your pout-to-be! 


If you have chapped lips, it's crucial that you purchase a balm-containing medicine designed to not only soften your dry and cracked skin but also cure the problem. 

Ingredients To Avoid 

  • ● Fake fragrances may bring on lip irritation. 
  • ● Unnatural colors in dyed balms may create lip irritation. 
  • ● You may experience dryness from alcohol. 
  • ● Camphor may produce dryness and tenderness. 
  • ● Petrolatum (petroleum jelly) 
  • ● Mineral oil 
  • ● Parabens and other synthetic chemicals may cause hormone disruption in animals. 

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